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say about your products or services

A robust customer feedback tool that helps you to stay updated on what your clients feel about your business. Simply create survey questions and share a link to your audience using the Bulk SMS feature or Shortcode on the platform. You will get a well detailed analysis on every survey you do.

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Key Features

Send your surveys via web links, social media, SMS and Shortcode

Bulk Sms and Shortcode Integration.

Instant Surveys links can be sent through Bulk Sms and Shortcode, moreover, Shortcode feature enables organizations to conduct Surveys to any type of Audience, with or without a smartphone.

Analyzed Reports

Feedback is available on the platform instantly after responses from your audience, well analyzed and actionable. It can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Enhanced Security

We ensure your confidential data is protected with enhanced security by customizing the platform with your domain on signup ie

API Integration

The platform can be connected to Key Business Systems through API integration which guarantees automated and actionable feedback.

Share survey links on social media or embed on websites

Create and share the Survey Links to any social media Platform just by a click of a button. The survey link can also be embedded on your website to ensure you trap feedback from your web visitors.

Does the “winning” part of
your business
overshadow the “keeping”?

Are your corporate goals about solving customer problems, or meeting revenue numbers? The only way to know how your customers feel about your business is to ask. “Service to customers is a way of life, a default position, something that is relentlessly pursued and refined.”


Create Surveys

Ask respondents the right questions with our highly customizable survey templates. Start the conversation.


Collect Responses

Send your surveys via web-links, SMS, Shortcode, API or social media. All responses are in real-time.


Analyze Results

SurveySasa provides automatic charts and graphs for your survey data that inspires your team to act.

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